Bug Bonanza Weekend 2023 - Fota Wildlife Park

Bug Bonanza Weekend 2023


This year’s Bug Bonanza weekend features an extensive collection of preserved invertebrates from UCC, including the moth with the largest wingspan- the Atlas moth! Visitors will also get the chance to get up close with some creepy crawlies and learn about their anatomy and adaptations with some of the zoologist team onsite.



We aim to answer various questions that have been bugging people about invertebrates, for example How do they eat? What do they see? & why are they so important from a biodiversity conservation point of view.

Test your knowledge of common invertebrates in Ireland with our “guess the bug” quiz and imagine life as an entomologist as you view insect anatomy under the microscope!



Running from 12 noon to 5pm on both days at the Large Marquee beside the Oasis Café



This event is open to all Fota Wildlife Park visitors on the day, no extra cost & no additional booking.

Part of the Educational Weekends Programme this summer at Fota Wildlife Park – celebrating Fota at 40.