Wild Otter Meeting - Fota Wildlife Park

Wild Otter Meeting










Wild Otter Meeting at Fota Wildlife Park on 10th of February 2024


10.00 to 15.00


Venue: Education, Conservation and Research Centre



Otters are charismatic flagship mega vertebrates. They fit into environmental issues about the need for wider more complex wider riverine landscapes, the need for wetlands,  and floods, which sadly we are all becoming more familiar with. As such they are in the news as well as issues to do with invasive species including mink, which they limit, and coypu which they get mistaken for, and toxicants including various plastics and what are called forever chemicals Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS or PFAS).


In the Ireland there are research projects at South Eastern Technological University and Atlantic Technological  University as well as general interest from NGO’s specifically In County Cork; Save Our Bride Otters (SOBO), Killuvellen Angles Association (KAA) and Cork Nature Network (CNN) and in Galway Abhainn Dá Loilíoch (ADL).


The meeting starts at 10:00 with an introduction by Sean McKeown and the timetable will follow plus a general discussion after lunch.


Soup and sandwiches will be provided, we will be in contact in advance to confirm dietary requirements.


The meeting will finish by 15:00.




Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.