[close] × Fota Wildlife Park Covid-19 Update

Following the most recent Government announcement Fota Wildlife Park is set to re-open on the 26th April.

On-line booking pages will re-open on the 19th April.


FAQs About Us

The staff at Fota Wildlife Park love to share what they have learned and here are some of the most common questions...


Q: Is the water in the lake of good quality?

Although there may be a light scum on the lake surface, the water is clean. Estuarine habitats, such as the lake, are highly productive and support much algae and other life. Our management system for the lake ensures that it is clean.

Q: Why do we ask visitors not to feed the animals?
The animals are fed specially-prepared diets. Feeding by visitors may harm them because the food being offered is usually unsuitable.

Q: Could the Park stay open longer in the evenings?
It is important for the Park to close when it does in the evenings to allow the animals a quiet time without the presence of visitors.

Q: What is ‘biodiversity’?
Biodiversity is the diversity of life. It consists of the diversity of species, the diversity of genes within species and the diversity of ecosystems, which are themselves comprised of communities of living organisms interacting with the physical environment.

Q: How does the Membership work?
Membership of Fota Wildlife Park is a great way to contribute to the Park. Have a look at our membership page for more details.

Q: Are there are job opportunities at the Park?
The Park usually recruits twice a year - once in January/February and also in May/ June, covering a range of roles including gate staff, talks people, train drivers etc