Thank you from Fota Wildlife Park

Last Wednesday 18th Nov, the ‘Save Dublin Zoo’ campaign was launched which highlighted the issues facing not only Dublin Zoo but all of the Zoological facilities in Ireland. Since then we had an influx of calls and messages of concern and offers of donations and support from the public, including from our visitors, members, locals and those living further afield.

We’d like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to all who have been so supportive of us in the last 10 days or so and the public who have visited us or joined or renewed as annual pass holders since we reopened in May 2020 after the closure due to Covid-19.

Fota Wildlife Park is currently open to the public within the 5-kilometre radius and still delivering Educational classes under strict new Covid-19 protocols and we also thank the schools and colleges who have continued to support us during this time.

A lot of businesses and industries outside the zoological and visitor attraction sector have suffered greatly as a result of the restrictions brought on by the pandemic and that is why we would like to further acknowledge the generosity and patience you have shown, especially our annual pass holders who cannot visit us until after the 1st December and beyond that date – we are not the only ones affected and for that, we are very grateful.

World Lemur Day is the last Friday of October every year to celebrate lemurs and spread world-wide awareness on the species and their conservation.

All lemur species are found in Madagascar. The Island of Madagascar has lost 90% of its forest cover in the last 200 years. This has resulted in 80% of its animal and plant life being in danger of extinction.

Fota Wildlife Park, is home to three different species of lemur, Red-bellied Lemurs, Black and White Ruffed Lemurs and Ring-tailed Lemurs. The latter being one of the iconic species in Fota Wildlife Park, with a history in breeding Ring-tailed lemurs since 1984 and many of their young have travelled to other animal facilities across the globe. The Ring-tailed lemurs have been free-roaming in Fota since 1985 and Fota has been a pioneer in the handling of the species.

Check out the video below with Ranger Grace answering questions on the lemur species at Fota.