A New Addition to Fota Wildlife Park, Baby Black and White Colobus Monkey Announced

A New Addition to Fota Wildlife Park, Baby Black and White Colobus Monkey Announced

Fota Wildlife Park is delighted to announce the birth of a baby Black and white colobus monkey, born on January 8th to mother Kimani and father Tom.

Lead Ranger, Teresa Power said “We’re delighted to announce the birth of this baby Black and white colobus monkey, whose gender is still unknown. The new baby is white in colour at the moment, but its coat will change to black and white just like the adults as it matures. We now have a few babies in this group, as this youngster joins two older sisters and a half-brother, Colin, who was born to Mum Freya last year. Our visitors can see that Colin is getting more independent from Freya each day. Since the birth of the babies, Tom, their father, has been relocated to the UK as part of a breeding program.”

“The new baby Colobus monkeys are showing a natural curiosity towards our resident Meerkat mob, often sitting closely with them on the ground, showcasing the vibrant and interconnected ecosystem of Fota Wildlife Park.”

Aunties and big sisters have been observed sharing babysitting duties, ensuring that Kimani gets a well-deserved break as she tends to her newborn. Visitors to Fota Wildlife Park can catch glimpses of our playful Colobus monkey family either through the viewing window of their house or as they frolic outside, located conveniently just inside the Park’s main entrance. While we don’t yet know the gender of the new arrival, we’re calling on the public to help us choose a name, please enter via the form below to be in with a chance to win a conservation annual pass.”

The Black and white colobus is a distinctive-looking monkey with its long black and white fur, the name ‘Colobus’ derives from the Greek word ‘mutilated’ about the fact that this species – unlike some other monkeys – has nothing more than a stump on its hand in place of a thumb. Colobus monkeys measure up to 30 inches in length when fully grown, weigh between 15 and 30 pounds and have a grey face surrounded by white hair.

Although listed as Least Concern by the IUCN, the Black and white colobus is popular for its unique pelt and coat and has been hunted for centuries because of this. It is also threatened by agricultural developments and timber production within its native habitats.

Animal feeding times at Fota Wildlife Park will recommence daily from Saturday the 16th of March and run until the October mid-term holiday. The schedule includes the ever-popular Cheetah run and twice-daily feedings of the penguins. The full schedule is available at

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Image credits: Sinéad Donnachie, Fota Wildlife Park

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