New Addition to the Fota Wildlife Park Family: Agile Gibbon Welcomed to the World

New Addition to the Fota Wildlife Park Family: Agile Gibbon Welcomed to the World

Fota Wildlife Park is thrilled to announce the birth of an endangered baby agile gibbon born on January 10th, 2024 to mum Chloe and dad Conor.

Conor, who was born in 1989, is one of the oldest primate residents at Fota Wildlife Park. Mother Chloe, who was born in 2000 has successfully bred with Conor in the past.

Lead Ranger Tersa Power said “We are delighted to announce the birth of any endangered animals, and the number of Agile gibbons in the wild continues to decrease. Over the past five decades, their native environments have shrunk by half, and they face additional threats from hunters who exploit them for the illicit exotic pet market. For Fota Wildlife Park, these births capture the public’s interest and it helps us raise awareness about the plight of the many species that reside here and the endangered breeding programmes we participate in.

The baby seems to be doing great, the team have observed him or her feeding from Mum who is a very experienced and dedicated mother. This youngster also shares their island habitat with big brother Beamish, born in 2021.

While it’s too soon to determine the gender of the latest addition, we’re calling on the public to help us choose the name and they can do so via the form below and to be in with a chance to win a Conservation Annual Pass.”

One of the smaller apes of its kind, the Agile Gibbon varies in colour between black and reddish-brown. The male is distinguishable from his female counterpart by the white or light-grey cheek fur on his face; both have white eyebrows and, like all gibbons, are tailless. As its name suggests, the Agile Gibbon is one of the fastest and most acrobatic climbers in the forest.

Agile Gibbons have been resident at Fota since the 1990s and are located on an island in the Asian Sanctuary. Agile Gibbons are held in only a few collections throughout the world and Fota Wildlife Park is fortunate to have welcomed several juveniles born to its main mating pair, Conor and Chloe, over the years.

Fota Wildlife Park is open daily from 9.30 am. This Easter there will be daily feeding times, wildlife talks and a fun Easter egg trail and quiz running for the mid-term break. See for more information and to book.

Image credits: Darragh Kane

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