Fota Wildlife donates to Sumatran Tiger Conservation

Sumatran Tiger by Gearóid O'Sullivan

Fota Wildlife Park is thrilled to announced that to date, the Park has raised €47,500 for wild tiger conservation, donated to the WildCats Conservation Alliance, (formally 21st Century Tiger). The monies donated by Fota Wildlife Park are used to fund projects in Kerinci Seblat National Park, in the Indonesian island of Sumatra. The Kerinci Seblat National Park is one of the most important sites for tiger conservation on Sumatra, which is home to the Sumatran Tiger.

The goal of these projects at Kerinci Seblat National Park is to keep secure and to steadily increase the Sumatran tiger populations through natural means at the park. The work to reduce threats to the tiger population includes maintaining their habitat, identifying poachers and black-market trade, as well as working with local government and law enforcement, and working directly with local communities to protect both tigers and forest-edge community livelihoods.

Fota Wildlife Park is home to five Sumatran Tigers, the most endangered for all the subspecies of tigers, whose rapid population decline has been driven by poaching and by clearances of habitat for agriculture. It was classified as critically endangered by IUCN in 2008 and sadly, fewer than 400 Sumatran tigers are estimated to remain in the wild.

The Covid 19 crisis has meant that Fota Wildlife Park had to temporarily close its gates to the public until further notice.  Fota Wildlife Park still receives support daily in the form of adoptions, sponsorships and annual pass holders renewing their yearly passes. Fota Wildlife Park has also received donations from local businesses and individual private donations. Fota Wildlife Park also greatly welcomed the recent funding supports from Government Departments, The Dept. Of Housing, Local Government and Heritage and the Office of Public Works and the Dept. of Public Expenditure and Reform. This has enabled us to continue our care for both the animals here at Fota Wildlife Park and to continue with our commitments to conservation efforts for animals in the wild across the globe.

Regardless of visitor numbers, the animals continue to get the same level of care and welfare they receive year-round. Fota Wildlife Park’s Covid-19 Related FAQ can be found here. 

Sumatran Tiger