Want to Sponsor an Animal at Fota Wildlife Park?

Have you ever considered giving a gift with a difference to your friends or family? The gift of animal sponsorship will financially contribute to the food and veterinary bills of an animal species at Fota Wildlife Park.

You can find the animal sponsorship page here.

Sponsoring an animal species at Fota Wildlife Park is a great way to give a meaningful gift to a loved one and the money raised by these sponsorship packs goes right back into the care of all of the amazing animals at Fota Wildlife Park. For only €60, you can sponsor an animal on behalf of a loved one, and their name will be displayed on the adoption board at Fota Wildlife Park.

The Sponsor will then receive:

  • A4 colour photograph of the animal species at Fota Wildlife Park
  • Fact sheet about the animal species
  • Certificate of sponsorship
  • One Adult Day Ticket
  • A Fota Wildlife pen
  • A Fridge Magnet

You will find a ‘Sponsor Me’ button in the top corner of each animal or plant profile here on our website, or call us on 021 481 2678.