Learn from Home – Fota Animal Workbooks

While Fota Wildlife Park is temporarily closed to the public for now the work still goes on and our dedicated animal care team and essential staff are continuing to provide the care our animals receive throughout the year.

We know some of our younger visitors are finding it to understand why they cannot visit or are missing some of their favourite animals so our Education Dept have some workbooks for home they are putting together and we have the first one on the giraffes here at Fota Wildlife Park.
We’ve gathered our workbooks together and will be adding new ones here as they are done.

Get your ‘Giraffes at Fota Wildlife Park’ workbook here
You can learn some fun facts about the giraffes but also their names and how to recognise the individual giraffes in the park.

Get your Gibbons at Fota Wildlife Park workbook here
We have three different species of Gibbon here at Fota Wildlife Park, learn about the three different types.

Get your Rhinos and the Indian Rhino at Fota Wildlife Park workbook here

Learn about the Sumatran Tiger and the five tigers we have here at Fota Wildlife Park here

Get your ‘Brazilian Tapir’ workbook here

Learn about a visitor favourite species here at the park, the Humboldt Penguin here –

A ‘spirit animal’ to some, get the Two-toed Sloth workbook here

Get your critically endangered Colombian Black Spider Monkey workbook here

Learn all about the Meerkat mob at Fota Wildlife Park in this workbook